At the heart of our platform is a promise: we will bring you behind the scenes of the music making process. Our work is literally a labor of love and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy providing it.

Bryce Weiner, CEO


Be a part of the music you love.

Fanmix is a patronage marketplace which goes far beyond simple streaming or a t-shirt sale. Through our unique platform you can connect with your favorite artist and engage with them during the creative process and purchase your copy of what's created before it reaches the public! From backstage passes to house concerts, guitars used in the studio to handwritten lyric sheets from your favorite artists, Fanmix is an entirely new way to love music!

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Music always gives back more than you give it.

We believe so strongly in supporting artists, we will reward you with Artist-branded Fan Points which you earn each time you pledge to an artist! Not only can artist's offer exclusives for their branded Fan Points, but Fan Points can be exchanged for real money on third-party platforms like AltMarket! That's right: actual cash!

Starting in 2020, Fanmix will also be starting the Fanmix Foundation: a non-profit organization with a focus on music education for elementary and middle school students in the United States. Funding for the Fanmix Foundation comes from advanced financial tools which power the Fanmix platform, itself.

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You are the reason for the music.

Fanmix is a return to sharing music with your friends in ways all but lost in the 21st century. When you discover and share new music with your friends, every dollar they pledge to an artist earns you cryptocurrency! If you bring a new artist to Fanmix, you earn cryptocurrency for every dollar they are pledged! This amazing system takes nothing from the artists and allows us to pay you for supporting the artists on our platform.

What are you waiting for?