Let's Do This!

We are so excited to begin production on our newest record! Including you as a part of this project was important to us, so after much consideration, we’ve decided to raise funds in order to deliver the best product possible. 

After much thought and taking your requests, we are confident that we’ve put together some really fun options available at all pledge levels. These levels will allow us to freely create, but also give you the chance to share in the fun knowing that you had a hand with your contribution toward bringing this album to life. 

To assist us, we’re pleased to announce a collaboration with the music industry based crowdfunding platform Fanmix. Our official campaign fundraiser is now open and we want to invite you to participate. 

To view the campaign and pledge your support visit us at Fanmix!


Very excited to hear what you are creating! Very cool funding avenue - Y'all are pioneers in industry, in more than one way.

Dec. 14, 2019, 6:18 p.m. christopherr6