About the Artist

SMANTX, a three-piece group based in Baltimore MD is a powerhouse mixture of head bobbing hooks, tasteful guitar riffs and atmospheric synths. SMANTX and their music has an indie-electro pop sound that has been affectionately dubbed dream-pop for their introspective lyrical content and the irresistibly dancy beats that help drive them.

When asked why their music seems to have such an ambient soundscape quality to it, SMANTX says “we want to make music that has tension that can be heard, but also felt.” The groups belief is that there are a lot of elements in music that can create an “in the moment” reaction that can stay with the listener for a lifetime! They plan on accomplishing that mission by staying true to their influences and continuing to make the music they like as opposed to going for a specifically targeted sound.


Originally, named Domino Falls, SMANTX formed when front man Kyle Wesley and drummer Eric Smith met in the Baltimore music scene. After realizing their common musical tastes, they set out to find complimentary pieces and found guitarist Chris Dennard to form their nucleus. After playing for a few years, the trio decided it was time to tweak their sound and rebranded as SMANTX in 2015. With a new name and sound, the group has their sights set on the release of their self-titled Ep “SMANTX”, their first since rebranding.

In 2018, their singles were featured on MTV shows Catfish, Floribama Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation; as well as, international outlets such as Sky Sports Networks and the English Premier League. Opportunities like these have widely exposed the SMANTX sound to both domestic and international audiences and has them poised for success ahead of their debut EP release.

The New Album

Most recently in 2019, SMANTX joined forces with Fanmix, a crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between artists and their fans. While SMANTX is excited for the release of their EP, they’ve already begun writing for their full-length album set for release in the spring of 2020. In addition, although SMANTX is mostly busy creating their brand of music, they are also excited to be working on initiatives to help impact the various communities in which each band member has special interest.